A Birth Story You Won’t Want to Miss!

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This morning I’m feeling ECSTASY pulsing through my body. 

In this spot, of PURE PLEASURE of I am most vibrantly ME.

I spoke with a soul sister from across the globe, to present her birth story.


There is a saying in Native American Folklore that in birth a woman travels out to the stars to collect the soul of her baby and return.

Wait until you hear Veronica Sarah Seanyuk’s description of this sacred journey!!!

*Suffering is NOT dictated in the bible
*Energy is what connects us to Ecstasy and ALL THAT IS
*Birth is a rite of passage AND A SHAMANIC JOURNEY
*Invite your demons to prepare for birth
*Sex as birth prep, your teacher

and so much MORE!

This is right at the core of why I am feeling so ECSTATIC. 

I’m having the conversations I am most interested in having– the very conversations that have the potential to transform birth across the planet.

I’m speaking with my soul sisters, women who are doing their holy work in their unique way.


Individually for our expectant mothers,
Professionally for our birth workers,
Collectively for our planet!

We are weaving our wisdom together in a beautiful tapestry…

A tapestry that can-

***Inspire and energize us in our visions and in our missions

***Blow wide open our ideas of what is possible in birth

***Soothe our hearts while we patiently work to bridge the gap between birth as it is and birth as we know it to be

If you have something you’d like to weave into our tapestry, please do hit reply and fill me in!

The beautiful piece is we are doing it TOGETHER. That, my loves, is the only way.

Connection brings oxytocin.
Oxytocin brings flow in YOUR BODY.

That is the basis of ECSTASY!     

This “Ecstatic Birth” is available to you in each and every moment
Sharing our stories plants seeds of possibility for others.
(Please do share and help us sow the planet with pleasurable birth)

We have only just begun, but the the energy is POWERFUL!

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Much Love,


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