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My first birth left me wounded. Unable to sit and stand properly for days. I was emotionally dazed for over a year, only to be awakened by loss- miscarriage, after miscarriage. I was so dazed that it took deep grief, a sledgehammer over my head, to wake me.

And I woke up screaming because I thought something was wrong with me, with my body. I set out on a healing journey to discover what it was and only after looking under every possible rock did I come full circle to the realization that my body was perfect beyond belief.

It was delivering a message to my soul, in the only way it could, “Wake up dummy! It’s not time for another baby, you still haven’t healed from the first one!” I could weave an entire book with what followed from that moment.

Fast forward to me, pregnant, fully healed body AND SOUL from the trauma of that first birth, I knew this birth had to be different. I could not be passive (again) and hope for the best. This birth was an invitation for me to embody my power, to mother myself, and my baby with all of my feminine ferocity. I was so terrified. How could I begin?

Through a series of synchronistic events, the universe sent me an angel, who handed me a copy of Choice’s in Childbirth’s New York Guide to a Healthy Birth.

This was a life changing moment. I went from being alone, a woman with no idea how to create a gentle peaceful and loving birth, to begin to being flooded with resources. As I flipped through the guide, a whole community emerged around me, listings of everyone from therapists, to doulas, to bodyworkers, to childbirth education options… more than I had ever imagined.

An entire community existed to support me with my birth desires. I was grateful beyond belief. I did not have to do this alone.  Support support support… this is one of the 10 commandments of having an Ecstatic Birth (Sign up for the full list!).

Thanks to Choices in Childbirth and their guide, I navigated my pregnancy surrounded by support. I was cocooned, held, pushed to grown, strengthened, right through to my birth. I was educated and prepared. I was ready, emotionally, physically, spiritual.. and was able to surrender fully and enjoy every drop of that awe-inspiring moment in birth when time stops and a new being emerges.

Spreading this information- that this possibility exists for women every, has become part of my soul’s journey. I serve on the board of Choices in Childbirth and have been humbled to witness the passion with which this organization serves the New-York birth community, advocating on a political level, educating, and providing resources like the Guide to a Healthy Birth.

Right now is a critical moment in this organization’s history… a moment that will mark when and whether they will be able to take this movement to a national level, whether they will be able to grow and provide resources to any woman desiring a mother-friendly birth in the US, or remain a NY based grassroots organization.

It is my deep desire, that every pregnant woman feels surrounded and supported. Will you help us?

I want to support them with the full force of my love. I will be donating 10% of all purchases to this amazing non-profit. 

So when you purchase the Ecstatic Birth Training Sessions, you will not only be supporting yourself in your desire to have an empowered and pleasurable birth, you will be supporting women and the birth movement as a whole.

This is not about one kind of birth being better than another. It is about empowering the mama-to-be with information and resources to decide how she wants to birth. The Choices in Childbirth believes that-

“…the birth of each child should be respected, revered and made safe and healthy for mother and baby.”

Do you?

If you’d like to support Choices in Childbirth directly, you can donate here.

Hi! I'm Sheila Kamara Hay

I'm an Ecstatic Birth advocate and trainer. I’m passionate about providing you with the tools and resources to create your own Ecstatic Birth.


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