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Let’s celebrate!

I hope you had a great Mother’s day, honoring and being honored.

There is no doubt that a mama is source for the child and the whole family.

So I wonder why, in our culture, for a mom to take care of herself beyond the basics- to desire pleasure- is considered frivolous or even selfish?

And to think about pleasure in birth? Well that is almost sacrilegious, if not absurd.

But let me ask you this- Would you have been happier, as a child, if your mother had been happier? Not. A. Doubt.

Now imagine a new mom, postpartum.

Doesn’t she deserve to start the wild ride of motherhood from a place of joy, pleasure, and empowerment?

Doesn’t her baby?

That doesn’t feel sacrilegious or absurd at all.

Expectant mamas and their babies deserve no less.

Give the gift of a pleasurable birth to yourself, an expectant mama in your life, or a woman who wants to be a mother someday.

It is never too soon to begin integrating this life-changing information.

Here’s to more babies having happy mamas right from the start!


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