ReBirth… with Ecstasy!

Ecstatic Birth Aurora Sunu

If you didn’t have the birth you’d hoped for…

If you worry about how a “negative” birth experience has imprinted your child,

If you didn’t know about Ecstatic Birth when you were having kids, but now you do and feel any twinge of regret, you will want to watch this!

This Conversation to Transform Birth with Aurora Sunu, a holistic sexuality and pelvic health specialist, is about transforming your birth experience with rebirth:

Healing trauma in the body

Rifts in relationship,

..and creating new imprints of love pleasure and ecstasy!

In Aurora’s words, “There comes a time on your journey when you are ready to alchemize. When you realize that you are not alone your fragments, but a pilgrim with a stained glass heart-ready to walk shame into shine, all your parts whole, for you were all the colors all along Beloved…”

Yessss! We have this opportunity to create anew in every moment!


  • There is always opportunity to heal any rifts from the body
  • Trauma is a dissociation. Healing is coming back in relationship
  • Begin small and slow and with extreme compassion
  • Tending to the outer world can help heal the inner world
  • Ritualizing relationships in reBirth can be deeply healing and inspire a tremendous amount of reverence  
  • Central is a feeling of BELONGING.. to oneself, one’s body, to the earth

…and so much MORE!

Aurora Sunu is help womxn who have experienced sexual and pelvic trauma shape pain and pleasure round. She helps you belong yourself to your own integrated sexual sovereignty by working with presence, compassion and a fiercely-gentle love. Allowing you to know yourself remembered as sacred-earth, empowering you to be at exquisite choice to claim your own embodied liberation, for yourself, your relationships and your unique expression of your safe erotic-wild.

I help you belong yourself to your own integrated sexual sovereignty by working with presence, compassion and a fiercely-gentle love.

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Hi! I'm Sheila Kamara Hay

I'm an Ecstatic Birth advocate and trainer. I’m passionate about providing you with the tools and resources to create your own Ecstatic Birth.


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