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The curriculum for our Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training is created to be transformative for you both personally as well as professionally, as as you "rebirth" yourself and become an Ecstatic Birth Practitioner.

You gain powerful skills to better help your clients experience birth as the natural and ecstatic rite of passage it was meant to be, while simultaneously nourishing your own body while you support your clients rather than draining it.

Each month you receive a new module of materials available online, on demand, including videos, transcripts, worksheets, and body practices.

You personally do all the practices and embody the gifts of pleasure so that you can be truly effective when you share them with your clients.

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Pleasure is the most holistic birthing tool there is and yet it is rarely introduced as a viable option in birth by practitioners to their clients. We discuss the benefits of pleasure in birth preparation and planning and explore the spectrum of ways in which we can use pleasure to support expectant moms.

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We lay the foundations for Ecstatic Birth Training both for ourselves as practitioners and for our clients, exploring the paradigm of Ecstatic Birth, the key defining factors, the varying spectrum of client needs and aligning ourselves with the best possible outcomes for all.

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In this session, we explore the language of the body and its connection to our intuitive feminine nature. The sensation of pleasure is explored as an integral part of this landscape and as a unique and fundamental birthing tool.

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Pleasure is the most holistic birthing tool there is, supporting the flow of labor and delivery.  We explore the different modalities of accessing pleasure from outside of our bodies during the various stages of labor and delivery.

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Pleasure has enormous potential as both tool and outcome in the birthing process, a circular supportive connection that we can hone in on and prepare for personally and to support in our clients. We explore the different modalities of expanding and accessing the pleasure within to enable us to hold the "tone" for Ecstatic Birth and teach our clients to do the same.

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This month we focus on our somatic training and embodiment practices. You will receive short daily exercises to explore your connection to your body, your inner wisdom, and accessing the limitless pleasure that is always flowing within.

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Every birthing mom has fears. Every practitioner has fears. Fears are as much a natural part of the birthing process as being alive. This month we learn strategies to disarm fears so that they are not the governing factor, disrupting the birthing processes.

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How can we transform unexpected scenarios and outcomes in birth into our (and our clients') point of power? How can we learn to play with the unexpected rather than fear it? Birth, like life, doesn't always go to plan. In this session, we learn how to dance with the unexpected, taking our pleasure and power regardless of what the process brings.

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Now that you have the basis of Ecstatic Birth prep, how can you incorporate it into your client work? This month you will receive a curriculum map and suggested workflow for sharing information and practices, with both private clients and groups.

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This session is the culmination of our practitioner training and will prepare you to stand for the transformation of the cultural shift required for Ecstatic Birth to become a viable option for all birthing women.  We explore how to move forward in community to share the philosophy and the work in a way that elevates your professional and personal goals.

"Sheila stands at a threshold, inviting us into our deepest pleasure, where bliss lives in us. Who doesn't need more of that?? Our work together has taken me into a place of ever deepening relaxation, of being in and feeling real pleasure. As a woman, I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to share in this exploration.

As a Doula, this work goes even deeper for me. I end up talking about pain (or rather people talk to me about their fear of pain) practically every day all day long. To break its pervasive hold, I needed to immerse myself in a conversation where pleasure can be a major part of the birth experience…of our life experience! Sheila has a gift in opening that door!"

Catherine Stewart-Lindley

Labor Doula, Lactation Counselor, Holistic Health Counselor, Childbirth Educator New York, NY

"Incorporating body exercises that I learned in Sheila's training into my routine with my clients helped me to see how being in the body is an important component of ecstatic birth preparations. I started to feel a sparkle in my eyes and feeling more joyful, by making sessions shorter and giving my clients multiple points of reference for pleasure they could experience here and now and bring into the birth room

If you are birth practitioner that is intrigued by the idea of helping women in creating their Ecstatic Birth experience, I highly recommend you to start your journey by taking this training. It will transform your perspective, your connection to your body, bring you into a sisterhood with other practitioners and give you a lot of pleasure!"

Ekaterina Baranova

Russian birth doula and birth educator, Guatemala

A bit about me!

Kamara Hay

Sheila Kamara Hay is a Yale and Columbia trained cultural sociologist passionate about transforming the landscape of birth from pain to pleasure. For over 10 years, Sheila has been empowering birth practitioners and expectant moms to honor the design of the body and integrate the most holistic birthing tool, PLEASURE, into birth preparation and support.   

The Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training has certified visionary birth workers in over 18 countries to elevate their clients' experiences in childbirth, bringing ease and oxytocin flow into the birthing field through their own bodies, while holding the highest vision for birth and humanity.

A leader in the global Ecstatic Birth movement, Sheila is a sought after speaker and devoted teacher, unveiling the ECSTASY available in each moment at the intersection of sensuality, life and birth.

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Meet my Colleagues and Teachers:

01 - Sheila Kelley
Sheila Kelley
02 - Sarah Buckley
Sarah Buckley
03 - Sheri Winston
Sheri Winston
04 - Debra Pascali-Bonaro
05 - Aviva Romm
Aviva Romm
06 - Mama Gena
Mama Gena
07 - Ina May Gaskin
Ina May Gaskin
08 - Saida Desilets
Saida Desilets
09 - Christiane Northrup
Christiane Northrup
10 - Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova
Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova
11 - Nekole Shapiro
Nekole Shapiro
12 - Akal Kaur
Akal Kaur
13 - Hari Kaur Khalsa
Hari Kaur Khalsa
14 - Laura Shanley
Laura Shanley
15 - Jaiya
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You will also have private access to their vast and profound wisdom in women's health, pleasure and childbirth via the Ecstatic Birth Training Sessions.

There has never been a time like this.

Women are rising...

Reclaiming our connection to our bodies, our inner wisdom, our fierce feminine power.

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Childbirth is an essential piece of this reclamation!

It is a rite of passage, a portal for mothers raising the next generation to step into this power in deep connection to our bodies.

Those of us supporting mothers-to-be are the guides and wayshowers.

But first we must take this journey ourselves!

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"So much!!! So much inspiration, expansion, release. I learned what it means to truly love myself, to reclaim my pleasure, to focus on living from a state of turn on.

The knowledge I've received + embodiment I've learned has not only helped transform my life, but will also help the countless birthing women and mamas to whom I'll pass this on to."

Jenny Braxton

Birth Visionary, Community Leader & Educator Oregon, US

"No longer seeing women as victims in the labour wards. That is HUGE for me. I am understanding that all I need to do is embody the alternative I believe in. And that can only be pleasurable.

This training is also encouraging me to pleasure the other aspects of myself. Not just the doula but the creator and the mover. Which I am so thankful for."

Samara Concepcion

Birth Doula, Somatic Movement Specialist London, England

"Clarity. Understanding that I am responsible to nourish my soul and listen to her. Listen to my body and honor that as opposed to doing what I think I should do based on outer expectations or a belief in something that doesn't resonate with my deepest truth. Speaking up more about what's possible for birth and what my truth is."

Debra Samadhi Woods

Birth & Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator Vancouver, CA

"The knowledge and the skills to further elevate the experience of birth for my clients all the while maintaining my bliss and pleasure throughout the peaks and valleys of childbirth!!  

As a woman, I feel an even greater sense of love, passion, admiration, appreciation, and respect for myself and my body as well as of those of other women."

Sharon Arazi

Birth Doula and Midwife's Assistant New York, US

"It's been a very natural progression to infuse all that I've learned through my Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training into my work with clients…and not just my pregnant clients but all my women clients.

This is because at the core of Ecstatic Birth is the vibration of love and joy, pleasure and expansion, connection and alignment.. 

Through Sheila's Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training I've developed skills to guide clients to their truth, to what feels good to them and how to deepen their awareness of their body intelligence.

The training has equipped me with a language that speaks to a woman's heart because, despite a culture of misinformation, disempowerment and fear around birth, deep inside every woman is the knowing that birth is her super power. I believe women are so ready to receive and awaken the confirmation of what they already know deep inside. Ecstatic Birth is the way of the woman."

Dr Peta Elmer

Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Labor Doula  Victoria, Australia

"The Ecstatic Birth Practitioner training is near and dear to my heart not only because I am passionate about transformation childbirth in the U.S., but because it truly brought me healing and clarity that I will be forever grateful for. What I was not expecting to get out of the Ecstatic Birth Practitioner training:

Coming home to my own body. Knowing that I am safe. Feeling love and bliss inside of myself. Experiencing the richness of this human experience. My senses are now experiencing things they had never experienced before.

You may be wondering what this has to do with birth!!! Well, it's everything!!!!

Being present in your body and feeling pleasure is the thing that will allow the labor hormones to flow and will allow you to feel and trust the process.  It starts with us!"

Krystina Sloan 

Doula, Childbirth Educator, Certified Lactation Counselor Scottsdale, Arizona

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