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Empower your clients with skills and practices that strengthen their connection to their bodies and their fierce feminine wisdom.

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In This training, you will learn 5 essential strategies to support ease, flow and even pleasure in the birthing room so that your clients can have the positive birth experiences they deserve.

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Why an Ecstatic Birth?

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Childbirth has the potential to be one of the most transformative, empowering and enjoyable events in a person's life!

Let’s be honest, this is quite different from the experiences most people have birthing their children, experiences that are drenched with fear and pain. As a result, many new moms struggle postpartum with feelings of depletion, powerlessness and even trauma.

Can you imagine a world in which every baby grows in the light of a joyful empowered mother?
It may be the
exact medicine we need
for the future of this planet.
Better outcomes
for your clients

Ecstatic Birth tools and practices FEEL really good and activate the body's innate oxytocin flow, supporting the progression of labor.  As a practitioner who has embodied access to these practices, you can dramatically elevate your clients' experiences in childbirth.

Better outcomes
for you!

Ecstatic Birth tools and practices nourish your body deeply, countering the depletion from holding space for long hours and/or and the energetic drain from working in a culture that doesn't always honor the birthing process. Your embodied access to your own oxytocin flow not only supports your clients, but supports YOUR felt experience and stamina when caring for them, radically differentiating your space holding with greater presence and safety.

In this Masterclass...

you will learn the 5 Pillars of Ecstatic Birth preparation and support and how to integrate them into your practice for better birth experiences

  • Opening the possibility of Ecstatic Birth for all women independant of specific outcomes
  • Strategies that support your birth business to elevate the birth culture and attract more clients
  • Why your felt experience as a perinatal practitioner is integral in your birth support
  • Mindset shifts and strategies to navigate the shadow side of birth including fear and unexpected outcomes
  • The surprising strategy most birth support misses that can simply and effectively transorm the experience for the better!
  • How to use birth consciously to pave the way for a more joyful and empowered motherhood

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Meet Your Guide

Kamara Hay

Sheila Kamara Hay is a Yale and Columbia trained cultural sociologist passionate about transforming the landscape of birth from pain to pleasure. For over 10 years, Sheila has been empowering birth practitioners and expectant moms to honor the design of the body and integrate the most holistic birthing tool, PLEASURE, into birth preparation and support.   

The Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training has certified visionary birth workers in over 18 countries to elevate their clients’ experiences in childbirth, bringing ease and oxytocin flow into the birthing field through their own bodies, while holding the highest vision for birth and humanity.

A leader in the global Ecstatic Birth movement, Sheila is a sought after speaker and devoted teacher, unveiling the ECSTASY available in each moment at the intersection of sensuality, life and birth.

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