What will YOU birth in the New Year?

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Happy New Year!

As each of us looks forward to what we will create in the coming year, it is fun to view our new creations as metaphorical babies. How can you deliver those babies through pleasure as opposed to sheer force of will?

I’ll be birthing a new baby this year, called The Expectant Mama’s Guide to Ecstatic Birth.

As I gestate and get ready to birth my baby, I’ve got my “Top Ten Practices for Creating an Ecstatic Birth” printed out and in view. It is always good to have a reminder to breathe, dance, and connect!

Life is filled with endless opportunities to practice Ecstatic Birth. It can be helpful to remember every process is a rebirth, every creation a baby, and those same principles that empower us in birthing our babies…, empower us in birthing our projects, and rebirthing ourselves.

If you desire hand-held support in preparing for your Ecstatic Birth, you might want to consider nabbing one of the 5 spots available for my private training.

I wish for you an Ecstatic year!

Much love,


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