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For the Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Workshop 

Please save the Dates: May 10-12th 11am-12pm ET (NYC)

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Thank YOU for being a stand for women and babies, for the next generation- the FUTURE of our planet. Thank YOU for saying YES to transforming childbirth from Pain to PLEASURE!!!


What you can expect, in the words of past participants:

"I've felt a lot of activations and awakenings over the last three days, and it hasn't been so much as mental "a-ha!" moments as energetic unlockings just from being in the space and in your embodied presence"

"So much wisdom and valuable tools. Thank you!"

"This is what I've been missing!!" 

"I love how my perception of birth is changing"

"So much lovely and juicy information! <3"

"Wow it was so amazing and eye opening"

"It's enough (pain). Time for birth to be ecstatic!"

Create the space to receive this training fully- mind, heart, and soul
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you will become embodied and activated in this movement to elevate childbirth.

I'm excited for you and thrilled to have you on this journey!

Much LOVE,

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TOGETHER, we can revolutionize the world of birth in a way that not one of us can do alone.

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