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My clients no longer describe their births as painful!

I remember sitting at an extended family dinner a couple of months after my first (traumatic) birth and hearing someone share “If I could give birth again right now, I would.” At the time I thought she was certifiably insane. Now, having experienced my own Ecstatic Births,  I know that she is not unique… the…
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Embodiment for Birth Anti-Racism and Postpartum Nourishment

Given our cultural conditioning and legacy giving birth can feel pretty scary as it is. Add in a pandemic. Add in being a black woman in the US. Add in being alone without your partner or birth support person as you navigate surgery and postpartum complications Yikes. I'd like to introduce you to an amazing woman and new mom, Casey Askey.  While she did not have an Ecstatic Birth by any means, she is consciously using that contraction in her journey in her rebirth...
Alila Rose Grace
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Vaginal Steaming

Vaginal Steaming is a time-old healing tradition, meandering its way into mainstream consciousness. While it is contraindicated during pregnancy, there are tremendous benefits for preconception, clearing and preparing the body for pregnancy and childbirth. It also provides wonderful postpartum support helping to gently heal and fortify our tissues. The first time I was introduced to the technique, I could feel my whole body sing YES, but it took me YEARS to actually try it. When I finally did, it felt deep, magical, wondrous, a holy portal into realms I sensed, but rarely accessed.

Improve Birth Outcomes Dramatically!

During my daughter's birth. I labored in a tub was rocking all my tools, presence and breath. But then I transition hit and I ...

Virtual Doula-Ing. The Power Of Energetics In A Hands Off World

One of the gifts of NOW is learning to bridge the worlds of the physical and energetic. With self-quarantine and social distancing mandates, our access ...

The Fall of Man? I Think Not.

There is something that deeply troubles me about our legacy…. That moment when a baby is born and a mother emerges is magical, sacred.. ...
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