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Meditation for a Pain-Free Birth

Is your body your ally? Or your nemesis? So often, it feels like our body is betraying us. One of the biggest lessons I learned on my journey is that even when it doesn't feel like it, my body is my ally. This plays out in birth ALL THE TIME.  Unfortunately, it is very common for women to feel like their body failed them in birth.
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Meet a Birth Revolutionary!

15 years ago when I was fiercely preparing for my "reclamation" birth, reading everything I could, practicing, learning... I came across Laura Shanley and wow was my world turned inside out and upside down. Laura is one of the leaders in the unassisted childbirth movement. While, unassisted birth is not something I am particularly drawn to, it struck me then-- How can a woman feel SO confident in her body and her ability to birth... How is it possible to clear ALL (or enough) of your fears, be able to confidently choose an unassisted birth??
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When it hurts SO bad…

Let's get real:  More women experience pain than pleasure in birth.

So much of our medical system is built around rescuing women from the intensity of childbirth.

Unfortunately our most common interventions- epidurals, episiotomies, and elective c-sections- all contribute to the experience of MORE pain in the long run, not less. 

What is the antidote?

Locating Pleasure Amidst Intensity

Childbirth can be INTENSE!Ecstatic Birth is not about denying that intensity... or even numbing it or avoiding it in order to have a great ...

A simple strategy to elevate your birth experience

Childbirth can be deeply empowering, pleasurable, ecstatic and even orgasmic. Yet most women experience the opposite. There is a HUGE  gap between the possibility ...

How to Melt into Your Sensuality to Prepare for an Ecstatic Birth

Sensuality is a powerful tool women can use to enhance their experience during labor and birth. Melting into her sensual nature allows a birthing ...
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Pleasure reBirth,

a Sensual Expansion journey

You will learn how these 3 elements can really support you in navigating intensity in a way that FEELS good.